Tanzania Adventure Travel and Kilimanjaro Climbs

Karibu! Welcome! Tanzania is known worldwide for Kilimanjaro climbs, Serengeti wildlife, and the exotic island of Zanzibar. While these draw visitors to my country, our goal at Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience (SENE) is also to provide a rewarding personal experience that will be fondly remembered for a lifetime. We share the rare beauty and magic of Tanzania as expressed in its people, its land, its varied environments, and its vast array of flora, fauna, and bird-life. These are found not only in its famed national parks, but also in the villages, farms, and back roads of this extraordinary country. We aim for your adventure with us to be a holistic travel experience – broadening understanding and establishing bonds of friendship that last across distance, time, and culture.

All SENE adventures, whether Kilimanjaro climbs, wildlife safaris, bike tours, running trips, or foothills walks, include time in my home village, Mbahe, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, where the local people, the Chagga, warmly welcome guests. Visitors stay in the comfortable guest cottages I built on my family farm, where one experiences the daily rhythms and vibrancy of African village life.

I was born on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. I am a child of the mountain and a proud Tanzanian. My team and I work hard to care for the mountain environment and all the beautiful places we bring our guests, so that the country will continue to be an attractive destination for international adventure-seekers and a wonderful place to live for our children and future generations of Tanzanians. Let us share with you our Tanzania for your adventure of a lifetime!

Simon P. Mtuy


“Your staff was the highlight. The mountain and scenery and safari animals were great, but the staff exceeded expectations.”
John & Anette P.

“There isn’t one thing I can think of that SENE didn’t do perfectly!”
Debbie R.

“Run by the irrepressible force of personality that is Simon Mtuy – Summit Expeditions deserve mention for the respect and kindness they show their porters, with the whole crew, porters included, invited to the post-trek celebratory meal with the trekkers at the end of every climb.  Those who trek with this company are often effusive in their praise – I have received some truly glowing reports from delighted trekkers about this bunch – and they’re also beloved by KPAP too, mainly for the fact that they are one of the few wholly Tanzanian companies to follow KPAP’s guidelines.”
Henry Stedman from Kilimanjaro: The Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain

 Simon Mtuy and SENE has a long record of outstanding service that no other Tanzania outfitter can match.  See our vast trove of testimonials dating back to 2006 and before.